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Republic Technologies FranceRepublic Technologies France
Our rolling paper booklets are produced on the Perpignan site in Southern France. It is the world’s largest factory for the production of rolling paper booklets, with an annual production capacity over a billion booklets. Very modern and automated, it produces all sizes, shapes and types of rolling papers.

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Altesse Zigarettenhüllenerzeugung und Papierverarbeitung

Altesse Zigarettenhüllenerzeugung und Papierverarbeitung, in Fürstenfeld, Austria, specializes in the production of cigarette tubes and filter tips The factory is fully automated and has a production capacity of 50 billion a year.

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PTC Productos Tecnologicos Catalanes
Productos Tecnologicos Catalanes, in Barcelona, Spain, produces filter tips, cigarette tubes and other accessories for smokers.