Republic Technologies International

The Group’s headquarters are in Perpignan – Pyrénées Orientales – in Southern France.
Our business involves the design, manufacture and international distribution of accessories for smokers (rolling papers, filter tips, cigarette tubes, rolling and cigarette making machines…).

OCBThe history of Republic Technologies International goes back to the early 19th century and is the joint history of a number of companies that have met and joined forces over the years.

In 1822, The Bolloré brothers founded a paper mill on the banks of the Odet, a river in Finistère that flows through Quimper and out into the Atlantic at Bénodet. A second mill was built at the Moulin de Cascadec in 1893. The production of ultra-thin papers for rolling cigarettes gave rise to the creation of the OCB brand (Odet – Cascadec – Bolloré) in 1918.

In 1838, Jean Bardou, a baker living in Perpignan
In 1838, Jean Bardou, a baker living in Perpignan, had the brilliant idea of cutting up thin leaves of paper and turning them into a little booklet, the pages of which could be used by smokers to roll their own cigarettes. On the booklet, he placed the lozenge shape representing the town’s coat of arms between his initials.
It was soon read as an “O” and the cigarette paper became JOB paper, made by the JOB company founded by the Bardou family.
In 1894, the Braunstein brothers (manufacturers since 1879) lodged a patent on a machine used for interleaving leaves of cigarette paper. The machine folded the leaves of cigarette paper and assembled them in such a way that, when the user took a leaf, the next one was automatically presented. This invention gave birth to the automatic booklet, which naturally led to proposing a new type of booklet, the “Zig-Zag”, on the market.

In 1956 Bolloré and JOB bought the Braunstein company and the Zig-Zag brand.

In 1986, the Bolloré Group acquired JOB, the company changed its name and became Bolloré Technologies. It produced and sold the OCB, Zig-Zag and JOB brands.

In 2000, Republic Group, an international group based in Chicago, bought the company, which is now known as Republic Technologies International.
Republic Group
Since 2002, the RTI Group has acquired or founded production and distribution companies in Europe to ensure that it has full control of its businesses upstream and downstream.

With its paper transformation expertise and the know-how of its subsidiaries, Republic Technologies International sells the widest range of products for Roll Your Own Market and for Make Your Own Market :

  • Roll Your Own : booklets of rolling paper, filter tips in bags and boxes, filters in sticks, rolling machines
  • Make Your Own : cigarette tubes (king size, long, mini, menthol, with carbon filters …), injectors for cigarette tubes
  • Under its internationally famous brands : OCB, JOB, Zig-Zag, TOP, Swan (GB & Ireland), Rolling, Altesse, Memphis (under licence)

Republic Technologies International has been ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certified.
Republic Technologies International has also obtained CTPAT approval from the US Customs, which facilitates the entry of goods exported to the United States.