OCB ExpertiseWe are constantly developing new products and adapt our offer to the needs and special features of each market, which allows us to maintain our position as a key player in the RYO and MYO markets.

We distribute our products ranges in over 95 countries worldwide.
Our wide range of markets and customers has led us to draw up a sophisticated marketing strategy. Our sales representatives maintain a special relationship with our distributors in order to meet their needs.

We have set up a strategic monitoring unit to keep an eye on product and market development. This enables us to validate our innovations and ensure that our offer is competitive.

We develop specific communication plans for each of our brands (cf. chapters on Brands)

Product & Packaging Development

We develop and produce our papers in consultation with our suppliers. They know our processes and requirements. They use the very latest paper-making technologies and have a sound knowledge of the international regulations that apply to all our products.
Our packaging suppliers work upstream with us to develop innovative, exclusive solutions. Our internal graphics department provides total flexibility and reactivity.

Product Packaging DevelopmentWe have introduced a policy that aims to:

  • Use “eco-sustainable” materials as much as possible : recycled cardboard, vegetable inks, etc…
  • Reduce our carbon footprint by optimizing packaging volumes and reducing the amount of packaging.

Process R&D

Process R&D

Our R&D department has a laboratory equipped with all the modern analytical techniques (UV spectroscopy, FTIR, gas chromatography, HPLC, dynamometry, etc.) and measurement instruments specific to the paper and packaging industry (opacity, whiteness, porosity, traction resistance, etc…) and the tobacco industry (smoking machine, combustibility measurement, LIP measurement, etc…).

It works with the Marketing department to design the new products that our customers need and provides our customers with the necessary technical information (safety data sheet, specifications, etc…).

Quality, Health, environement  and security at work

We achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2005 and this was renewed in 2014.
> Certificate ISO 9001 (PDF)

To meet the demands of our customers and of our environmental policy, we achieved ISO 14001 certification in 2011.and this was renewed in 2014.

> Certificate ISO 14001 (PDF)

We achieved OHSAS 18001 certification in  2015.
> Certificate OHSAS 18001

The Management defines the quality policy. The Quality Steering Committee, assisted by the Process Coordinators, sets targets, which are monitored by appropriate indicators.

A Quality Improvement Plan is defined for each process, and the state of progress is checked by Quality Management and the Steering Committee.