Our manufacturing


Our three modern, automated manufacturing sites in France, Austria, and Spain allow us to focus on both quality and quantity for all our products and the smoking accessories we produce for a wide range of markets.

Republic Technologies France

Cigarette paper booklets are manufactured at our Perpignan site in the south of France. With a manufacturing capacity of over 1 billion booklets a year, it’s the largest factory of its type in the world. Its modern, automated layout is designed for the production of all shapes, sizes, and types of rolling papers while allowing us to guarantee the quality for which our brands are known.

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Altesse Zigarettenhüllenerzeugung und papierverarbeitung in Fürstenfeld, Austria specializes in the manufacturing of cigarette tubes and filters. The manufacturing plant is entirely automated and has a capacity of 30 billion products a year.

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Productos Tecnologicos Catalanes in Barcelona, Spain produces filter tips, cigarette tubes, and other smoking accessories.